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Nevada City 2014

Well, as usual, I haven't updated this page in a year.

We returned from a seven week trip to western England and the northern part of the Republic of Ireland in early November. It was a relaxing trip.

Mostly traveled by train. However, it is easier to move short distances in Ireland by bus. Sometimes there are not even trains available. Glady doesn't like to drive in these countries and for some reason they won't rent me a car.

We visited Manchester, Keswick (Lake District), Shrewsbury, Cardiff, Bristol/Bath, Penzance, Conwy (northern Wales), Dublin, Galway, Westport, Sligo, Donegal and Carrick-on-Shannon. Averaged about four days to a city.

picture of carribean

View from our front patio at Cancun Club Med

picture of birdsongs

Glady & Larry in Donegal, Ireland Nov.  2014

Glady and I went to Louisiana in May for my Mom's 90th birthday. There were more than fifty family members gathered for the occasion. Some people I hadn't seen in years. It was fun! As usual, we spent the last few days in New Orleans. After that we headed to Austin to visit the Woodruffs. Went to some wineries in Fredericksburg. They had some good wines! We'll be going there again.

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